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Exclusively the only source of primitive knives for modern hunters.

Designed for functional field use, especially dressing game (but still great for display).

Flint knife blades are the BEST EDGE IN THE WORLD outperforming any steel!
Besides being sharper than steel it will never need resharpening when used for hide removal.
I guarantee the edge for life no matter how you use, or abuse, it.

So what's the big deal using flint instead of steel?


My hand-crafted knives and sheaths are designed for both the collector and for using in the field.  Enjoy what hunters are re-discovering:  Flint knives are very effective, and in some ways superior to steel.  Sharper and holding an edge longer are important, but they also possess something else above steel blades... a connection with the past.  My flint knives are very popular with deer hunters who not only want a better knife but also want to bring something different and impressive to the camp. A flint knife is a great gift for the hunter who THOUGHT he had everything.  All of the knives on this website are for those desiring a better knife for field dressing large and small game.  Flint offers more than steel blades with its superior edge for hide removal. Great for any animal... including feral hogs!  Why use a knife that's less sharp and gets dull often?  Of the hunters I know that use flint knives, none have gone back to using steel.     

Flint knives are AMAZINGLY BETTER THAN STEEL in many ways:

Sharper than steel and absolutely NO resharpening when used to skin any animal... including hogs! 
Why use a knife that is less sharp and has to be frequently resharpened?  Animal hides "melt off like butter" because of the extremely sharp and serrated edge.  If used properly it will NEVER get dull!  Yes, it can get dull when used on something other than hide or soft tissue, but it CAN be easily resharpened (I suggest sending it to me for FREE expert re-sharpening).  And yes, it can break and must be treated with care when handling.  Consider it's properties much like that of a modern ceramic knife except that my knives are more durable and they have a serrarted edge ideally suited for skinning.  The serrated edge also prevents accidentally cutting holes in your cape.  Overall unparralled performance compared to steel. 


My knives are uniquely designed with the hunter in mind. You won't find my basic skinner blade design in flint anywhere else.  It was developed from the suggestions of hunters desiring a functional field blade.  The cutting edge has a generous radius and most have a thumb-rest on the backside near the handle.  Each blade is durable and sharp with waterproof haftings (two-part epoxy and artificial sinew).  Handles are real mule deer antlers, selected for their straightness and the best grip when wet.  Each knife has a custom fitted SHEATH which is also of a unique construction.  They are made from a single continouous piece of leather with NO stiching.  Easy to clean by simply unfolding it and rinsing with water.  My sheaths are based on the "Cheyenne holster" design.  Both of my knife and sheath designs incorporate simplicity, functionality, and have rugged appeal.  


I will resharpen any dulled blade for free as many times as it needs it... forever.  The same applies for damaged, yet repairable blades.  Only include the return shipping costs when you send the knife.


Samples, samples samples...  

Watch this!!! Two of my flint knives at work in a YouTube video... CLICK HERE 


What if...  it gets dull?  How well does the glue hold?  Can it break?  
Any guarantees?  Frequently asked questions:

  Can you believe this? 

Read about "The Greatest Point Ever Made"!  CLICK HERE  


I've been flintknapping (the art of making stone tools from flint) since 2001 but have been making flint hunting knives exclusively starting in  2009.  After making hundreds of knives I'm proud that all of my customers are satisfied with their knives and all of my feedback has been positive.  They ALL agree with me that no steel knife equals the performance of my knives.  Guaranteed!

   Stacy Reeves
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