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Now I'm just a little bit excited about this sheath design. A very simple stitchless design that's perfect for flint skinner knives. Skinning can be messy and stiched sheaths are difficult to clean.  My sheaths can be simply unfolded and rinsed. They are rugged, attractive, and perfectly complement the simplicity of flint knives. I'm certain you will agree.

All one-piece construction with NO stitching. Just one piece of 8-10 ounce tooling leather cut and folded into a sheath with a belt loop.  Pretty cool, right?  All sheaths are for placement on the right hip.  Let me know if you want a left hip sheath when ordering.






Of course, THE greatest point EVER made would have to be made by THE Master Himself... GOD our Creator.

If you are unsure of God's existence then first consider this: 

Ever found an arrowhead?

Did you think that it was made by some random accident of nature?  Of course it’s not. You know from the evidence of the purposeful design that it was not a 'fluke of nature' but was crafted by someone with skill and knowledge.  The creator of it also had a plan for it.  All I can say is open your eyes and look around at all that the wonderful things our Creator has made... especially YOU, the crown of His creation!  Why did He do it?  He had a useful plan for you.     Please read on.

John 3:16 (NAS)
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."

That word 'believe' doesn't simply mean to 'know about' (even the demons believe in who Jesus is) but it means placing your trust in Him.  It's like trusting a bridge to support your car as you drive over it.  You know it will support you, but you haven't trusted in it until you have committed to passing over it.  Do you only know about God's salvation... without the commitment of trust?

OK, so you're a good person.  What does God think about that?:

Isaiah 64:6 (KJV)
"...and all our righteousness are as filthy rags."

That's right, what we think is our best stinks to God.  Our goodness is disgusting when in the presence of the perfect and righteous God. 

So does God need at least some of our help with paying for this wonderful gift? 

Ephesians 2:8 (NAS)
"For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast."

Our sins are no small matter with God.  

Romans 3:23 (NAS)
"For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

All sin carries a death penalty, and all it takes is one sin.  We've all sinned and are condemned to die.  God doesn't send men to hell.  Our sin does.  He doesn't want us to be separated from Him because He loves us.  That's why He made a way for us to beat the legal requirement that we are obliged to pay for.  He created a legal loophole to deliver us from Satan's grasp.  What was impossible for us to pay was covered by Jesus on the cross.  That's why Jesus said "It is finished" when he gave up his spirit.  Essentially He was saying, "The debt of man's sin is now completely paid for."

You wouldn't insult someone who paid a great price for your birthday gift by refusing it, or even offering a few meager pennies to help pay for it, right?   To refuse the free gift of God is to refuse eternal life.  He paid the ultimate price and every good deed we do to 'help' pay for it would be to miss the point of it being a "free" gift.  There's no catch except one.  God is not going to give you eternal life only to have you live for the devil and continue as you were.  Your life WILL change.  God WILL change your heart for the better.  He WILL lead you down a brighter path.  It's win-win for you.  Only a fool would refuse an offer like that.  Sadly, many rather live for themselves, afraid that if God took control then theirs would be a dull existence.  To the contrary God promised an abundant life, full of peace, love and joy to those who receive Him.

Sooo... the point is....

God paid the FULL price for our sin and offers FULL pardon at no cost to us.  All we have to do is receive his offer with faith, trusting that He's going to fulfill His promise.

You must recognize that your sins have come between you and God and without someone, a savior, to bridge the gap, it's simply impossible for your sins to be forgiven.  That savior is Jesus, God in the flesh.  He died to be your sacrifice, a perfect unblemished lamb, to pay the death penalty that you deserve, to make your salvation possible.  Simply talk to God.  Confess to God that you are a sinner and need to be saved from your sin and to be washed in the cleansing blood of Jesus.  Believe that and you will be saved.  In return, God will send you the Holy Ghost to indwell you and to seal you to Himself for future redemption.  The Holy Ghost will begin teaching you and revealing truths.

Got the point?  Still confused? 
Contact me.
Stacy Reeves, 

   A little about the artist:

Stacy Reeves, a Native Texan living in Spring (just north of Houston).  With a love for arrowheads and a keen interest to learn anything about our native American heritage I began flintknapping in 2001.  Although I do have 1/16th Cherokee, I consider myself just a regular white guy who loves flintknapping.  My "real" job is piping design in the oil and gas industry but flintknapping is just one of my hobbies.  I use both traditional (percussion) and flake-over-grinding methods to make the flint blades.  I believe in practicality and simplicity as seen in my knife and sheath construction.  Much of my work is made with highly prized Texas flints including Pedernales and Georgetown flints.  I also use what I call "exotic" materials such as glass, obsidians, agates, and just about anything that fractures colloidally. I only use the fancy stuff occasionally now, focusing on functional field knives rather than display knives. 
Contact me at 
to make an order, to inquire, or just to chat about flintknapping.   
God bless!


TEXAS FESTIVALS AND LOCAL EVENTS (that I may be attending)

 Tomball German Festival  March or April  

       In the O
ld Town district at the Historic Train Depot Plaza at Tomball, Texas.

Jesse Jones Park and Nature Center Events: 
  • Pioneer Day:  Second Saturday in Nov.  
  • Homestead Heritage Day:  Second Saturday in Feb. (annual) 

Period costumes and settings at Jesse Jones Park and Nature Center located in Humble, TX.
I normally have flint knapping demonstrations and displays at both of the annual events. 

Spring Creek Park Heritage Day 
     At Spring Creek Park in Tomball, TX
  click here
    May  10am 'til 3 pm.



Southwest Louisiana Knap-in
Click here for the park website: 
  Nibletts Bluff Park
Next Event:  This spring: April 
Nibletts Bluff Park, 3409 Nibletts Bluff Rd., Vinton, LA

The knap-in is hosted by Tex Holloway. Contact Tex for details: 337-528-2496, Nibletts Bluff Park phone number: 337-589-7117


Knap-in Calendar website link 



Perhaps you found my webpage from a Google search for "flint knives" or "knives of flint"  mentioned in the BIBLE (Joshua 5:2-3).  My flintknapper buddy, Mike Cook, wrote a fantastic article with great insights on it... CLICK HERE

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Spring, TX

Check out my professional profile:
Linkedin (or word-search for "Stacy Reeves, piping designer")

The Handbook of Texas Online is a tremendous resource for anything about Texas history.

A great ”How-To” page for just about anything .  

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