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Photos of knives on this page are only samples of my work.

I've made hundreds of knives and they each are unique.  The knife you order will not look exactly like any of these... only similar.  If you want any particular features on the knife you order then please describe it to me the best you can and refer to any of the samples.

See ORDERING page for more information.
Contact me to check availability since my stock is constantly changing.

Order early since it may take 2 to 4 months to complete an order.
I work on multiple knives at once and turn them out in "batches" of two or three dozen at a time for orders placed.  Sometimes orders gets dropped and I may have some knives immediately available.
So inquire to see what I have if you need one quickly.

Make orders or request availability by email:

Watch this YouTube video of my flint knives in action...

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